Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6/6/6 opens in San Francisco on January 8th

6/6/6 officially kicks off on Saturday, January 8th, 8-11pm at Queens Nails Projects - 3191 Mission Street in San Francisco. At least three of the six artists will be in attendance, along with a musical performance by die Fistery.

From there the show travels to Santa Fe, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Portland, Maine over the course of 2011. Check the schedule and links for details.

See photos and more info on the 6/6/6 Facebook page.

Carl Baratta

Carl Baratta, 9 Fish, 1 Drowned, 2 Ducks, 2009, egg temera on board, 24x24”

Carl Baratta, MFBB 2 (TFEFA!), 2009, egg tempera on board, 24x24”

Carl Baratta, The Death of Doctor Island (after Gene Wolfe), 2009, egg tempera on board, 24x24”

Jeff Badger

Jeff Badger, Have You Made a Decision?, ink on paper, 4x6"

Jeff Badger, Should We? Know Why?, ink on paper, 5x7"

Jeff Badger, How Should We Get It?, ink on paper, 11x14"

Jeff Badger, Why Not?, ink on paper, 18x24"

Amanda Curreri

Amanda Curreri, Drawing for 'Three Monuments to Moments'

Kathy Leisen

Kathy Leisen, Detail from Boat series, 2010, watercolor on paper



Estatic Peace Records

Joanne Lefrak

Joanne Lefrak, Cabezon Mercantile, 2010, scratched Plexiglass and shadow, 12x16" 

Joanne Lefrak, Cabezon (Stan Lucero with Photograph of Benny Lucero), 2010, scratched Plexiglas and shadow, 16x12"

Joanne Lefrak, Jail, Santa Rita, NM, 2009, scratched Plexiglas and shadow, 36x60x.25"

Dan Schank

Dan Schank, Wrap It Up, 2009, pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache and paper collage on board, 12x12"

Dan Schank, Positions of Power, 2009, pencil, gouache, watercolor and paper collage on board, 18x24"

Dan Schank, Lights Out, 2008, pencil, gouache, watercolor and paper collage on board, 18x24"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here is the card for the 6/6/6 traveling exhibition that kicks off in San Francisco in January and runs through 2011. The card features images of each of the six artists featured in the show. It's a riff on the Hipgnosis cover for the AC/DC album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Six Degrees

An exhibition that created itself through connectivity

With the proliferation of social networking and technology-based communication, making real connections becomes more important than ever. Each artist in this exhibition has selected one other artist who lives and works in a different community, forming a network of local art communities and creating personal and global connections among artists. This effort makes the local more than just local and infuses each region with energy from around the country. Like a chain letter, this process is expansive and like an exquisite corpse, the results are
surprising and unexpected. Appropriately for a show about drawing connections, the show takes the drawn line as its subject and features artists from all over the country. The exhibition, in a sense, "created itself" by means of connectivity.